Bubble Tea Coming Soon!

What is Bubble Tea? It’s an East Asian drink of tea containing grains of tapioca, often blended with sweetener and flavourings, shaken and served with a straw. The sensation of drinking Bubble Tea is a mixture of eating and drinking simultaneously whereby you slurp the concoction through a fat straw before chewing on the tapioca pearls while negotiating the tea. There are two types of bubble tea: milk or fruit, which come in a range of flavours and can be served hot or cold.

You will soon be able to get your Bubble Tea here at Castle Mall as Moya Bubble Tea will be opening on Level 2 next to The Java Store, in April.

In addition to experimenting with limitless combinations of Bubble Tea flavours, there will be a Japanese Bakery in store serving buns, cheesecakes, green tea cakes and dorayaki – pancakes with sweet fillings.

Adrian Moya, the owner said, “Bubble Tea intrigued me, I knew that it was something special. It’s not just a drink, it’s a vibe, it’s a message from our multicultural generation, a link that keeps us together – socialising, sharing a glass of Bubble Tea with your friends and family, an excuse to try the new flavours coming from East Asia. After I graduated I realised that it was my last chance to materialise my Moya Bubble Tea idea in the heart of Norwich. I’m excited to be delivering my vision of Bubble Tea and a Japanese Bakery in Castle Mall and look forward to meeting my new customers”

Customers can choose the amount of sugar, milk or ice they want, and also choose flavoured jellies or clear balls of fruit juice known as ‘boba’ in their drinks.