Bourgee – looks and tastes amazing!

Hi, I am Ben, Jaxon’s Dad! My partner Amelia and I were invited along to attend the launch night of Bourgee.

We had a great time, our first impressions of Bourgee were great and it felt very posh and stylish.

Coming from inside the Mall it is easy to miss if it wasn’t for hearing the live DJ we may have missed it, so keep your eyes peeled as it is definitely worth a visit!

The decor was lovely and the lighting was just right, we were made to feel very welcome. On arrival we were offered some champagne, although neither of us drink, so we had orange juice and were impressed with the use of cardboard straws!

We sat down in a booth and looked at the drinks menu which had a great choice, particularly the cocktails, which were a reasonable price too.

We were offered some canapés which looked and tasted amazing, we were also pleased to have some nice vegetarian options.

We ventured upstairs to use the toilets, passing through the champagne bar which was lively. We were impressed with all the decor upstairs too!

We didn’t see the food menu, so unsure exactly what is available and the prices but we are confident they will be fabulous!

We look forward to our next visit.