Well done Thomas!

We are extremely proud of Thomas, one of our Real People, as he is now staring in a BBC Sitcom, Upstart Crow, alongside some of the biggest names in British comedy including David Mitchell, Harry Enfield and Liza Tarbuck!

When we first met Thomas he told us he was going to be famous and despite several knock backs along the way he didn’t give up. His determination has paid off, which just goes to show you should always follow your dreams.

So thank you all for voting for him to become one of our Real People representatives and helping him on his way to stardom.

Keep your eyes peeled as we know this won’t be the last you see of Thomas!

Read the full article about Thomas here: http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/attleborough-teenager-thomas-smith-down-s-syndrome-prejudice-national-actor-upstart-crow-1-5699317