Bourgee’s steak and lobster on the menu at Timberhill Terrace

Due to open in November, we’re very excited to welcome the steak and lobster concept, Bourgee to Timberhill Terrace! Bourgee will focus on luxury dining at affordable prices, a note that has delivered a truly unique positioning and has earned them an army of celebrity fans including Olly Murs, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Thom Evans, Fearne McCann and many more. Norwich marks the first of the Essex brand’s new look Luxe lounge restaurants.

The exciting new site will take Bourgee’s signature decadent décor to a new level. Spreading over two floors, a fully-fledged restaurant will be located downstairs, whilst a Bites-Bar Luxe Lounge offering a premium bar with tapas bites will dominate upstairs.

Bourgee Director, James Welling, expands: “We have undergone a lot of change in the last year and we see the launch of Bourgee on Timberhill Terrace as a significant moment for the brand. A chance for us to show exactly what Bourgee stands for and deliver our vision as a duo with full effect. We saw huge success for Bourgee in Essex, but are delighted to be expanding into Norfolk and can’t wait to show the people of Norwich what we have to offer. Norwich is a bustling city that is thriving and we are excited to be bringing a high quality dining experience that will rival the ‘experience’ residents and visitors would expect of London, right at home. Norwich is constantly evolving, and Timberhill Terrace is expanding, and we are excited to be a part of the growth that will see the city further become a key destination within the UK.”

“The Timberhill Terrace location in Norwich is just the start for us. Now we are moving forward as a duo, our plan is so much more than delivering steak and lobster, we are on a quest to give diners a premium experience at a price they won’t balk at. We know we have a brand that hits a customer sweet spot, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

Robert Bradley, our very own centre manager says, “We are extremely pleased to be welcoming Bourgee as a new brand to Norwich. With Veeno opening in a number of weeks, and with Cocina firmly established, the new Timberhill Terrace restaurant quarter is really beginning to take shape.  Adding steak and lobster to the menu is really exciting, and with each restaurant offering something different, we’ll be providing an impressive new dining area in the heart of Norwich. Timberhill Terrace is an important piece of our strategic puzzle, assisting in transforming Castle Mall into a lifestyle destination.”

Watch this space!