Jaxon’s Day At Little Squirrels

Hi everyone, it’s Jaxon here!

I had SO much fun at the Little Squirrels open day!

I turned up around 1pm and it was still busy inside, we were welcomed and signed in. I went in and I was so excited to see all the different items to play with. Firstly, I spotted the cars and track so rushed over. After playing with the cars I played with the kitchen as this is another of my favourite things to play with. My sisters then took me outside but I didn’t really want my face painted, instead I went over to the tent with lots of books and found a Peppa Pig book which I absolutely love and my sister read it to me (I’ve got a good big sister, haven’t I?!).


Whilst outside I found a trike and wizzed around on that for a while before heading back inside as it was quite warm and sunny. I went down some steps into another area and found lots of messy play for example paint in cling film which was really fun to mush around and make patterns, sorry for getting messy, Dad! I found a hat to put on as I love dressing up too. We headed back upstairs and went to the sensory area where I found a rocking horse which was fun! I put a dolly on the rocking horse and pushed it. My Daddy and sisters then got me to make some playdough, it was very messy but good fun!



I enjoyed my time very much and got a great party bag on way out, thanks for inviting me!