We have a winner!

The winner of the Legally Blonde Doggy Auditions held in the centre on 5th February is Winston – a British Bulldog who is four years and nine months old. His owner is James Maddem from Hainford in Norfolk who said: “That was a massive surprise. It was very emotional. We are over the moon. Winston is the perfect dog. He’s always a winner in our eyes.”

David Barrett, associated director of Legally Blonde and one of the judges, said: “Winston is a fabulous dog with exactly the look we are after but most importantly the right temperament. He was relaxed when he needed to be and when we asked him to something he did it with energy. The standard of the dogs in Norwich was absolutely fantastic. The level was so high it was a difficult decision for us, but Winston pipped it by the narrowest of margins.” 

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Picture – Winston the winner – with owners James and Rhonda Maddem (far left and far right) from Hainford, and Legally Blonde judges David Barrett and Helen Petrovna (centre).